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In the News

14. October 2019

Augmented HSI presented and awarded
A novel approach for HSI in medicine has been presented at the 27th “International EAES Congress” in Sevilla-Spain. The technology called “augmented hyperspectral imaging” (AHSI) combines the false-color images of the TIVITA with the use of additional dyes to generate even more information of the tissue. In “Augmented Hyperspectral...

26. August 2019

New publication about the potential of HSI released
The week started for us with the good news of the latest publication from Leipzig which was published in “Der Chirurg”. It deals with the many applications and opportunities for TIVITA® in the surgical field. We are happy about the great scientific support we receive from Leipzig day-to-day and...

01. August 2019

BMBF funding granted
Tissue ablation by laser is a common method for tumor resection, especially for endoscopic procedures. However, the recognition of the tumor margins is a major problem because during the operation, there is no time to carry out an extensive histological examination. This leads to repeated operations and a lower...
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