07. July 2020

Soon you will see more!

The summer holidays are already underway and so the holiday season has begun. The employees of Diaspective will use this year’s summer break to intensively push the work on the new products. The development and approval departments in particular have some work ahead of them, which will quickly drive away any thoughts of a quiet and cosy summer. For example, the finalization of the new TIVITA® Camera, which is being optimized for use in the surgical environment, is underway. Of course, the technical work still has to be formulated in terms of regulatory requirements and registered as a product. In addition, the miniaturization of the entire technology, which is in the final stages, will be completed in order to be able to address completely new areas of application. Doctors in the surgical field can look forward to exciting new possibilities here!

We are working diligently and are looking forward to the new products, which will bring us one step closer to our goal of establishing HSI as the standard diagnostic tool in medicine.