01. August 2019

BMBF grant confirmed

Especially for endoscopic applications, the laser tissue ablation is a usual approach for the resection of carzinoma.
A problematic issue is the detection of the tumor margins. Because of the limited time, an extensive histology is not possible. In consequence, multiple operations and higher post-operative complications can occur which highly affect the recovery potential of the patients

The high potential of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) for the detection of carzinoma tissue has already been investigated. In conclusion, the project TheraOptik was founded. The aim of theis project is the development of an endoskopic approach whcih combines laser ablation technologies with the HSI visualisation. The real time characterization of carzinoma tissue enables the surgeon to entirely resect the all malign tissue within one operation and reduces the risk of following surgeries to a minimum.

Today, the BMBF confirmed to grant this project. We are very thankful for this support and looking forward to start developing this great technology and help to improve the modern oncology.