27. April 2018

Bacteria shining in any shade of colour

The collaborative project Bacteria-CAM has been running for a while now and keeps both, our employees and our partners, busy. As often, many tasks have to be carried out until the first concrete results start coming.
For example, many components have already been developed for the prototype, a great deal of software has been written and many optimization steps have already been performed for the function prototype. The work around the integration into a fluorescence microscope has also caused quite a bit of time and effort and finally, the outdated lighting unit turned out to be a barrier.

More pleasing are now the first results of germ cultures in Petri dishes!

Below, the hyperspectral camera system for fluorescence spectroscopy for the examinations is depicted:

The following pictures show some screenshots of the development environment for the pre-evaluation.
The first analysis shows some clear spectral signatures of the bacterial cultures.

After a Principal Component Analysis (PCA), they lead to a direct colour image presentation with the Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) technology.
A second culture with other bacterial species is shown in the following:

In addition to the PCA transformation, the cluster analysis also provides pleasing results. It is easy recognizable in the next screenshot, that a segmentation of the areas is feasible and that this one also corresponds to the different spectral signatures.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks, in which the bacteria will be systematically examined and the basis for germ assessment in wounds will be established.