23. November 2018

Photo Contest “My Research”

The dermatology working group in Rostock led by Prof. Emmert wins the photo competition “My Research” as part of the 2018 research camp.
Four doctoral students work with TIVITA® in the context of wound care in the Clinic and Polyclinic for Dermatology and Venerology. They jointly submitted the photo under the title “Alles im Bild – Hau(p)tsache ist viel Information” (“All in the picture – the skin issue / main issue is a lot of information”).
“In the field of dermatology, the individual tissue parameters and their pathological changes play an important role, e.g. in circulatory disorders. A reduction of the blood circulation of the skin and also water retention (edema) often lead to chronic wounds and other skin diseases. Clinically, so far, there were hardly any possibilities to objectively measure the oxygen saturation (StO2), blood circulation (NIR Perfusion Index) and water content (TWI) in affected areas of the skin with fixed values.
With the help of a spectral camera (TIVITA®), it is now possible to quantitatively record these parameters and thus also their changes in various diseases. The camera takes a photo, the tissue spectrum is recorded by absorption spectroscopy (from physics: different rainbow colours that make up the white light) and the computer converts the measured colour channels into the following parameters: blood circulation, oxygen saturation and water content. From a single image (which is captured in a few seconds) four images are obtained, each representing one of the four tissue parameters. The laterally displayed colour scale shows the colours, which represent the percentage of the measured value.
This information – as biomarkers, so to speak – gives us the opportunity to make statements about, for example, disease genesis, the effectiveness of individual therapeutic approaches and the healing process of chronic wounds. Together with 3 other PhD students, in clinical application (i) we are now investigating the normal values in different life decades, (ii) the values in patients with wounds caused by varicose veins, (iii) the values in patients with wounds caused by diabetes and arterial circulatory disturbance, and (iv) the change in the pathological values due to treatment with cold plasma.” © Stella Boleslawsky
We congratulate the winners and are very pleased about the good cooperation!