18. July 2019

“HYPerspectral Enhanced Reality” in the journal “Surgical Endoscopy”

The future of HSI?!

The team of the IRCAD Strasbourg just published their work “HYPerspectral Enhanced Reality (HYPER): a physiology-based surgical guidance tool.”

The article in the journal “Surgical Endoscopy” describes the aproach to use of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) for detection and quantification of ishemic swine bowel tissue. Focussing at the clinical application, the processed HSI data have been transferred to an augemented reality interface. This was realized by training and validating an enhanced reality algorythm. In summary, a practical approach to display important perfusion characteristics within a live video image has been presented within this paper.

Furthermore, Barberio et. al. showed that the parameters StO2, NIR-perfusion and Tissue Water Index (TWI) correlate with the biomarkers local capillary lactate (LCL) and reactive oxygen species (ROS).

We kindly congratulate Dr. Barberio and his team to this great article and are looking forward for their next publications.