18. July 2019

“HYPerspectral Enhanced Reality” in the journal “Surgical Endoscopy”

The future of HSI?!

The team of the IRCAD Strasbourg published their work “HYPerspectral Enhanced Reality (HYPER): a physiology-based surgical guidance tool.”

The extensive article in the journal “Surgical Endoscopy” deals with the use of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) for detection and quantification of ischemia of intestinal tissue. Focusing on clinical application, the collected HSI data was transferred to an augmented reality environment. To achieve this, an algorithm was trained and its reliability was tested. Thus a tangible, practical solution is presented to display perfusion parameters in the live image of a video.

Furthermore, Barberio et al. showed that the parameters StO2, NIR perfusion and Tissue Water Index (TWI) correlate with biomarkers such as local capillary lactate (LCL) and oxygen radicals (ROS).

We kindly congratulate Dr. Barberio and his team on this seminal article and are looking forward to their future work.