23. September 2020

Hyperspectral imaging in wound medicine: A systematic review

Diaspective Vision GmbH was founded with the aim of objectifying and thus improving wound medicine. Today, after 5 years on the market, there is a growing awareness in medicine that there must be technologies that allow better, more objective diagnostics, so that positive results can be achieved more quickly in the treatment of (chronic) wounds.

Our product TIVITA® is already represented in many other medical applications, which are generally considered to be more important. Nevertheless, the topic of wound medicine is permanently present for us. For this reason, we are pleased that recently, for the first time, a review article on hyperspectral imaging in wound medicine was published in which TIVITA® is represented.

SAIKO, Gennadi, et al. Hyperspectral imaging in wound care: A systematic review. International Wound Journal, 2020.