The danger of persistent hypoperfusion – Decubitus.

Decubitus or decubitus ulcers are type of localized damage of the skin and the tissue layers underneath caused by the insufficient supply of the tissue with oxygen and nutrients because of continuous pressure at the same spot. That is why decubitus ulcers are also called bedsores. Especially care-intensive patients who are immobile are affected by this, since there mobility is strongly reduced. The effects of such prolonged pressure points are necrotic tissue and irreversible damage of nerve cells. Decubitus wounds will most likely turn into chronic wounds.

With hyperspectral imaging, the tissue can be assessed in early on and the treatment can begin in a timely manner. Additionally, critical tissue which is in danger of necrotizing can be detected very early by using hyperspectral imaging.

Hyperspektrale Aufnahme der rechten Ferse

Hyperspectral image of the right heel