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Our technology is based on 2D spectroscopy. This technology can be used for hyperspectral imaging purposes as well as for the improvement of signal dynamics in conventional spectroscopic procedures. Furthermore, with minor and easily feasible modifications, the 2D spectroscopy is applicable in numerous areas of medical research. If you are interested in using our technology for medical research, please contact us! Our intent is to be as accommodating as possible and we are happy to offer individual solutions.

Klinische Studien

We are interested to support clinical studies concerning imaging tissue spectroscopy and hemodynamic monitoring via imaging spectroscopy. These studies may be located in the areas of non-invasive tissue assessments or perfusion analyses in different application areas, including dermatology, plastic surgery, emergency medicine (e.g. shock), sepsis, pneumology, weaning and others. Doctors and scientists planning to perform clinical studies in one of the areas are welcome to send us their study proposals. If we are interested in supporting the study, we generally offer the following support:

• Detailed product training to enable quality monitoring of data and avoid operating errors during the conduct of the study

• Support concerning data acquisition and data analysis

• Provision of camera equipment necessary for the study

Interested doctors are welcome to contact us for further information. We are happy to support your clinical study

Example of preclinical research

Example of preclinical research

Consulting and Support concerning Optoelectronic Technology

You have an idea for the application of 2D spectroscopie but are missing the personnel in order to let your idea become reality? You have realized that multispectral procedures, hyperspectral procedures or general spectroscopic methods may offer solutions for your tasks and need support for their implementation? You are using conventional lighting for you spectral products and noticed that LED-based systems could be of advantage to you?
Feel free to contact us and we will support you with the realization of your tasks:

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