Histology – The study of biological tissues

Histology is a field in medicine as well as biology, which deals with the science of biological tissue. Since in anatomy and pathology histology is commonly applied, it can also be called microscopic anatomy.

In general, tissue samples are only analyzed in the visual spectral range or different dyeing techniques are used as visual markers.
With our HSI cameras, you can acquire a very high amount and broad range of chemical information on tissue samples in an easy, reliable and fast manner. This is possible, because every single pixel of the image of a sample is recorded with its respective spectrum.

Additionally, in a hyperspectral image different samples can be recorded together, which eases analyzing the differences in the samples.
For samples with a high water content, the VNIR spectral range is most suitable.
For samples with low water content, the NIR spectral range until 1.7 µm is generally most suitable because it can record several spectral overtone- and combination bands of the mocules.

Datasheet HSI-Camera for microscopes (500nm-1000nm)

The following image shows a typical measurement setup.

The HSI camera is mounted on top of a scientific microscope

The HSI camera is mounted on top of a scientific microscope

By Chemical Color Imaging Technology you get more Information than what you generally get by the usual staining methods. And that with the advantage that you can place the sample directly under the microscope.