The advance of HSI in neuro surgery

To resect brain tumors, MR images are taken preoperatively to localize the tumor and plan the surgical procedure. Currently, there is a lack of tools to safely localize the tumor intraoperatively. First results with the HSI technology show this method will enable the identification of the tumor. The work on this topic is being carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the TU Dresden, which has already written first publications on it and offers a short insight on their homepage.

Erste intraoperative Aufnahme während eines neurochirurgischen Eingriffs, HSI-Perfusionsdarstellung und RGB-Kamerabild, R. Mühle 2017

First intraoperative image during a neurosurgical procedure, HSI perfusion imaging and RGB camera image, R. Mühle 2017

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