23. January 2020

New publication about the increasing importance of intraoperative imaging and visualization released

We are very pleased about the latest publication (managed by the German Cancer Research Center) of Prof. Maier-Hein in Heidelberg, which was published as a lead topic in “The Oncologist”.

It deals with the growing importance of computer assistance during surgical procedures and especially with intraoperative visualization. While the use of intraoperative visualization was previously mostly limited to preoperative planning, it is now increasingly used for intraoperative decision-making and support with the aim of improving precision and thus the results. Above all, real-time intraoperative data acquisition and information processing play a more and more important role. Based on images taken with our TIVITA®, HSI imaging is very well illustrated in this article.

This shows once again that we are on the right track with our products and we will keep working hard to establish spectral imaging as a standard technology in surgery.
At the same time, more and more studies show that the complication rates during surgery can be significantly reduced by the intraoperative use of perfusion imaging methods.

Click here for the article.