Hyperspectral Imaging systems (HSI cameras) are highly integrated optoelectronic systems, which allow for the recording of hyperspectral 3D data cubes. We offer a variation of systems for a broad range of spectra and diverse applications.

HSI Kamera

HSI Camera

All of our HSI-cameras can be attached to a camera stand or mounted onto a microscope via a c-mount adapter.

As a versatile standard, we offer the following system.

HSI-Camera VIS/VNIR (500 nm – 1000 nm) – TIVITA™ Tissue System

For combination color/chemistry examinations in the visible and near infrared spectral range. Especially suitable for assessments of living tissue.

The system can be provided with an embedded LED lighting unit, with halogen lighting unit or without in order to allow for the integration into already existing systems.

Data sheet TIVITA™ Tissue System (500nm-1000nm)

Furthermore, we also produce the following variations for specialized needs. Please contact us for details

HSI-Kamera VIS/VNIR (500 nm – 1000 nm) – Mikroskopie

Suitable for the application on laboratory and surgery microscopes.

Data sheet HSI Camera Microscope (500nm-1000nm)

HSI-Kamera VIS (380 nm – 700 nm)

Suitable for color applications in the visible spectral range and for fluorescence applications.

HSI-Kamera VNIR Extended (800 nm – 1100 nm)

This camera is suitable for the examination of different organic constituents in substances, tissue samples and other objects.