The hyperspectral camera system for the non-invasive acquisition of important tissue parameters

  • to assess the wound condition,
  • to assess the healing process and
  • to support the objectified wound documentation.


  • Fast contactless measurements
  • Quantification of perfusion and oxygenation within the wound
  • Presentation of the measured values as a false color image
  • Unique, highly integrated system with camera, analysis and documentation software
  • False color images depicting oxygenation, hemoglobin index, NIR perfusion index, and tissue water index of the wound
  • Chemometrics-based expert system with automated tissue classification, which provides supportive evidence for optimized and guideline-oriented wound treatment
  • High-resolution, imaging measurements in the spectral bandwidth 500 – 1000 nm [VIS + NIR]
  • Breakthrough chemical color imaging technology for visualizing chemical information in medicine
  • Integrated target optics
  • Automated size scaling of the wound images
  • Software-based Wound Surveying Tool


  • Ability to improve the quality of medical wound care
  • Optimization of therapeutic approaches
  • Objective documentation – also with time & size in the course
  • No additional survey tools required
  • Evaluate new or modified treatment approaches
  • Shorter reaction times to initiate preventative measures
  • This allows faster healing and recovery results for patients
  • Time & cost efficient
  • Minimal risk of infections & biological hazards due to contactless measurement
  • No consumables, easy maintenance

In wound research and wound diagnostics, the TIVITA® Wound is an innovative measurement device that can assist physicians in assessing wounds and documenting healing progresses.

With the specialized software solution TIVITA® Suite Wound you will be able to qualitatively and quantitatively describe and document wounds within a few seconds in a non-invasive way.

 Wound documentation tool of TIVITA® Wound

The TIVITA® Wound provides images in which each pixel contains a full VIS / NIR remission spectrum in the range of 500 nm – 1000 nm. A chemometric analysis of the individual spectra generates high-resolution false color images.
With the combination of spatial and chemical data, the hyperspectral images provide precise information about wound-specific features. While the VIS area is used for color imaging and provides information about the melanin and hemoglobin levels of the tissue in the upper layers of the wound, the chemical composition of the deeper tissue layers is also revealed through the NIR area.That way, the images, which are calculated by the specialized software, depict the following parameters:

  • Wound size (length, width and area)
  • Segmentation oft he wound
  • NIR-Perfusion (Perfusion of deeper tissue layers)
  • Oxygenation (StO2)
  • Tissue hemoglobin Index (THI)
  • Tissue water Index (TWI)

„With the support of the TIVITA® Wound, the treatment and therapy of wounds can be adjusted in a timely and optimal manner. This save the patients from suffering and the attending physicians can save costs.“ Dr. Axel Kulcke
Furthermore, the camera system enables the objective documentation in the validation of new treatment approaches.

 Example of a clinical course of treatment of a long-standing wound situation. The results of perfusion enhancement, edema management by compression and progressive epithelization are clearly visible. But the worsening of the wound state in a treatment break is given in this example as well. (Data Dr. Wild, Municipal Hospital Dessau)

The size of the wound and its course can be recorded and documented with a survey tool.

TIVITA® Wound will be available on the market during 2018. First publications have already been published.
Furthermore, the publications Hyperspectral imaging of tissue perfusion and oxygenation in wounds: assessing the impact of a micro capillary dressing Journal of Wound Care, Vol 27, No1 (2018) by Thomas Wild et al. and Review of near-infrared methods for wound assessment by Michael Sowa et al. provide a comprehensive overview.

This hyperspectral camera was developed in cooperation with the University of Rostock and the University of Wismar within the scope of a research and development project.
Currently, there are no adequate measuring devices in wound research and wound diagnostics, which support physicians and clinicians in the assessment of wounds and the documentation of healing progresses.
The aim of the Project TIVITA® Wound was the development of a hyperspectral camera system and its respective wound-specific documentation software, suited for clinical application in order to enable the objective description of wounds.
The TBI project was successfully completed in December 2017. Now the fine-tuning of the system and the approval as a medical device are on the agenda for Diaspective Vision GmbH.

The Project is funded by the European Union, European Regional Development Fund (EFRE). The Funds are made available according to the Operational Programme Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2014 – 2020.

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