TIVITA® Suite analysis software

The TIVITA® Suite analysis software is used for deeper analysis of hyperspectral data. Among other things, this software component enables the unambiguous assignment of a spatially resolved spectrum and the representation of the image at exactly one wavelength. Thus it is possible to compare the spectra of different areas and to analyze abnormalities more accurately. In addition to visual spectral analysis, the software also includes methods to filter out various features from the spectral data and to generate specially colored false color images, e.g. principal component analysis (PCA)

Screenshot der TIVITA™ Suite Analysesoftware

Screenshot der TIVITA® Suite analysis software

Based on the PCA, a cluster analysis can be set up to segment areas with the same spectral properties.

Screenshot der TIVITA™ Suite Analysesoftware mit PCA und Clusteranalyse

Screenshot der TIVITA® Suite analysis software with PCA and cluster analysis

In addition to the analysis of the data in the reflectance or the absorption, the transformation into the first and second derivative is possible in order to make band information more visible. The possibility of SNV transformation and Gaussian smoothing are additional preprocessing options. For further evaluation, the spectra of the marker areas can be exported to CSV files. A simple import into other software environments is guaranteed.