The camera technology to record and display chemical information in images for medical applications.


• Fast, contactless measurements
• Quantification of perfusion and oxygenation over larger areas, representation of the measured values in 2D
• Unique, highly integrated system with camera and analysis / documentation software
• False color images for the presentation of oxygenation, Hemoglobin Index, NIR Perfusion Index and Water Index of the tissue
• Various functions for research purposes; e.g. PCA, correlation
• High resolution, imaging measurements in the spectral range 500 – 1000 nm [VIS + NIR]
• Breakthrough chemical color imaging technology


• Improved quality of medical care
• Objective documentation – also over time
• Validation of new treatment approaches
• Shorter response times to initiate preventative measures
• This allows faster results in healing and recovery for patients
• Time & cost efficient
• Minimal risk of infections & biological hazards due to contact-free measurement
• No consumables, easy maintenance

The TIVITA® Tissue System consists of a hyperspectral camera and its respective analyzing software. It enables you to extract chemical characteristics of test objects, tissue samples etc. via hyperspectral images. The camera operates in the range of 500 – 1000 nm, meaning in the visible and near infrared spectral range, thus it is especially suited for examining divers biologic materials.
Current medical applications can be found at >>clinic

Functionality of the TIVITA® Tissue

The following illustration depicts the functionality of the TIVITA® Tissue schematically.

A spectrometer and scanning unit, integrated into the camera, acquires the hyperspectral data of the object, tissue or sample. The data is transferred to a PC- or laptop-bound analyzing software where it is processed visually for the user (creation of pseudo-color images).
Usually, a data cube with the dimension 640 x 480 x 100 (px x px x wavelength) is recorded within 6 seconds.

»Flyer TIVITA® Tissue

As part of an internal validation study for the TIVITA® Tissue an occlusion test was performed and the results are shown in the following video.

Occlusiontest performed by Diaspective Vision available at Vimeo.

The TIVITA® Tissue can be either delivered with just the spectroscopic camera (with or without the lighting unit) or as a whole system with a cart and an adjustable swivel arm.

Datasheet TIVITA® Tissue System (500nm-1000nm)