TIVITA® with more freedom of movement for biomedical research

Medical devices must meet very high safety requirements and produce stable and consistent results across development cycles. Innovative ideas can thus be produced almost exclusively in the context of clinical research, far away from everyday clinical practice. To enable progress in the treatment of patients and to develop new surgical techniques and related imaging technologies, a high degree of freedom in the configuration of research systems is necessary. This can often not be achieved by approved medical devices.

HSI Kamera

Demo operating room at the ICCAS Leipzig, University of Leipzig

TIVITA® Research is devised for this scope of application. Our research partner ICCAS Leipzig uses the research version of the TIVITA® for example.  TIVITA® Research uses the same hardware base like TIVITA® Tissue but furthermore includes an open software system with access to additional functions and parameter settings of the system. These include, for example, increasing the resolution (spatial and spectral), parameterization of the camera settings incl. spectral range, use of other lenses, etc. However, the most important function is full access to the TIVITA® suite analysis software. This allows that many areas of hyperspectral image processing are directly used in the software package and that the data export to one’s own development environments can be performed based on pre-processed data.

Furthermore, it is also possible to obtain the TIVITA® Research with hardware modifications which are directly matched to the research task, such as e.g. other camera sensors, lighting units, lenses, etc.

HSI Kamera

HLI studies on thrombosis and stenosis after anastomosis on the animal model

Examinations of tissue perfusion status and microcirculation are of high relevance in research and clinical practice. The TIVITA®-technology has already delivered very important findings in research projects.
As examples have to be emphasized:

  • Use in preclinical research on small animals, e.g. Hinterlaufischämiemodell
  • Use in preclinical research on large animals (development of new surgical techniques for perfusion-related diseases)
  • Use in accompaniment and improvement of the training for new surgical techniques and procedures on small and large animals
  • Use in evaluating the efficiency of therapeutic procedures and remedies in wound management
  • Use for the objectified documentation of preclinical studies


  • Fast contact-free measurements
  • Normalized colour images from the HSI data cube
  • Quantification of important tissue and blood parameters within a captured image area
  • Integrated tools for common data pre-processing steps on HSI data cubes
  • Unique highly integrated system with camera, analysis, and documentation software
  • High-resolution imaging measurements in the spectral range of 500 – 1000 nm [VIS + NIR]
  • Pioneering chemical colour imaging technology for visualizing chemical information in medicine
  • No laser radiation, therefore none of the associated safety precautions necessary.
  • Optionally: integrated target optics
  • Optionally: integrated distance measurement and size scaling of the images
HSI Kamera

Evaluation of healthy, less-perfused and nectrotic intestinal tissue (University Medicine Leipzig)

The TIVITA® Research systems are unauthorized medical devices for research use only.
If you have questions, feel free to contact us.