05. December 2018

Special volume “Optical Imaging Methods in Medicine” published 2018 in BME/BMT

Special volume “Optical Imaging Methods in Medicine” published 2018 in BME/BMT
After the electronic pre-publications, the paper edition for the special volume “Optical Imaging Methods in Medicine” of the scientific journal Biomedical Engineering of the DGBMT in VDE is now also available. The scientific contributions were based on last year’s symposium “Hyperspectral Imaging in Medicine” at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering at TU Dresden.
Due to the large number of contributions, our self-developed innovative HSI camera technology TIVITA® plays a very important role here.

Contributions of the special volume with TIVITA®:

  • Kulcke, A. et al.: A compact hyperspectral camera for measurement of perfusion parameters in medicine519
  • Holmer, A. et al.: Hyperspectral imaging in perfusion and wound diagnostics – methods and algorithms for the determination of tissue parameters 547
  • Markgraf, W. et al.: Algorithms for mapping kidney tissue oxygenation during normothermic machine perfusion using hyperspectral imaging557
  • Tetschke, F. et al.: Application of optical and spectroscopic technologies for the characterization of carious lesions in vitro595
  • Daeschlein, G. et al.: Hyperspectral imaging: innovative diagnostics to visualize hemodynamic effects of cold plasma in wound therapy603
  • Sicher, C. et al.: Hyperspectral imaging as a possible tool for visualization of changes in hemoglobin oxygenation in patients with deficient hemodynamics – proof of concept609

Furthermore, contributions are included which have been developed in cooperation with our long-standing cooperation partner Prof. Christoph Hornberger (University of Wismar):

  • Nahm, W; Hornberger, C; Morgenstern, U; Sobottka, SB: Optical imaging methods in medicine: how can we escape the plausibility trap? – Guest Editorial– 507
  • Hornberger, C; Wabnitz, H: Approaches for calibration and validation of near-infrared optical methods for oxygenation monitoring537

Once again, we would like to thank all involved parties, who made the publication as a special volume in BME/BMT possible, as well as all authors for the interesting publications and work with TIVITA®.