Chemical Imaging in microscopy

Nowadays in microscopy, elaborate and expensive procedures are applied in order to extract chemical characteristics from sample objects and visualize the results.
We offer a simple and cost-efficient alternative: The Diaspective Vision hyperspectral camera technology.

The method is simple – one of our hyperspectral cameras, such as the TIVITA® Tissue, is attached the color camera port of the microscope via c-mount thread.

With the hyperspectral data and our Chemical Color Imaging Technology, pseudo-color images are created, which depict the samples’ chemical characteristics – comfortably and within seconds. Since the images acquired this way consist of full and high-resolution data cubes, they can be chemometrically analyzed in further steps.

The chemical images can be recorded in the VIS, VIS/VNIR or NIR spectral range, depending on the chosen system. Please note that for an application in the NIR spectral range the lenses of the respective microscope must be approved for the chosen spectral range.

Camera systems of Diaspective Vision GmbH

Typical hyperspectral microscopy workplace

Datasheet VIS/NIR HSI camera microscope</4>