Innovative application solutions for medicine and life sciences.

Diaspective Vision is an innovation driver in the area of hyperspectral imaging solutions.

We develop, produce and market high-end multispectral, spectrometer-based and hyperspectral components and systems for the application in medicine technology and life sciences.
With our user-oriented product solutions, we offer competent and flexible support for commercial applications as well as applications in scientific research.

Our company arose from a cooperation between the SpekLED GmbH, founded by Dr. Axel Kulcke, and Dr. Dr. Jörg Marotz. The latter has been researching the clinical hyperspectral analysis of wounds and burns in for over 10 years. The idea for the development of one of our future main products, the HyperWound-CAM, is based on the HSI camera systems of SpekLED and the latest findings of wound research.

Asides from hyperspectral imaging systems such as the TI-CAM and the HyperWound-CAM, we offer miniaturized spectrometer units in various spectral ranges for a broad range of applications. Thus, we provide our clients with new and fundamental possibilities for diagnostics and analyses.