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05. April 2019

HSI in the Journal of Wound Care

The current edition of the Journal of Wound Care (Journal of Wound Care, 28(3), p. 131) contents a consensus document about the topic of hard-to-heal wounds titled “Hard-to-heal wounds: TIMERS for action.”. In the course of this issue, hyperspectral imaging was mentioned as a powerful tool for diagnostics and assessment of wounds. Despite the fact that we are very proud about this consensus, this is another important step towards the establishing HSI as standard tool in the field of wound care.

01. April 2019

HSI at the DGE-BV congress

Simultaneos to the DGCH congress in Munich, the 49. congress of the German Society for Endoskopy and Imaging Technologies (DGE-BV) took place in Stuttgart, Germany.
Again, an approach using HSI convinced the jury:
We kindly congratulate Nico Holfert, who has been awarded for the best poster.

We are happily looking forward for the next great presentations and publications based on our HSI technology.

HSI presented on the best poster at the DGCH congress in munich

Last weekend, the congress of the German Society of Surgery (DGCH) took place in Munich, Germany, where two works in the field of hyperspectral imaging have been awarded as the best poster in their session.

Hannes Köhler presented his work titled “Evaluation of hyperspektral imaging on measurement of ischemic conditioning effects of the gastric conduit”.

Dr. Boris Jansen-Winkeln convinced the jury with his poster abouta “Bestimmung der idealen Anastomosenposition durch hyperspektrale Bildgebung (HSI)”.

We are proud that our HSI technology contributed to such amazing results and we greatly congratulate the authors aswell as the co-authors from the ICCAS and the Leipzig University Hospital: Prof. Ines Gockel, Nico Holfert, Marianne Maktabi, Jonathan Takoh, Sebastian Rabe und Claire Chalopin (MD).

22. March 2019

Diaspective Vision at the EWMA and LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019

This year is going to be exciting! The Diaspective Vision will take part in the EWMA Conference in Gothenburg (June 5. to 7.), aswell as in the LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich (June 24.). We are looking forward to meet you there!
Further informations under Trade Fairs and Conferences.

18. March 2019

HSI gets attention at congress in Munich

On march 14. – 16., 2019, the 45. German Congress for Coloproktology took place in Munich, Germany.
In this framework, Mr. Jansen-Winkeln, MD, held two presentations titled “Determination of the transection margin during colorectal resection with hyperspectral imaging (HSI)” (B. Jansen-Winkeln, N. Holfert, H. Köhler, C. Chalopin, I. Gockel) and “Hyperspectral imaging – future perspectives of a new technology”.

We are extremely happy that hyperspectral imaging receives such a positive feedback from clinics and health professionals. Such events motivate us even more, to develop our TIVITA® further and further.

08. March 2019

HSI at the Future Med Technologies in Leipzig

Congratulations to Hannes Köhler and Max Böhme, who did a great presentation at the Future Med Technologies in Leipzig, Germany.
Among many other great spreakers, they have been awarded the second place in the category “best poster presentaton”.

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