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Holmer, Amadeus, Kämmerer, Peer-Wolfgang et al. (2016). Bildgebende chemische Analyse und die Anwendung in der medizinischen Perfusions-Forschung. Conference Transcript Automed 2016.
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Holmer, Amadeus, Tetschke, Forian et al. (2016). Oxygenation and perfusion monitoring with a hyperspectral camera system for chemical based tissue analysis of skin and organs. Physiological Measurement, 37(11), 2064. » Read article

Tetschke, Florian, Markgraf, Wenke et al. (2016). Hyperspectral Imaging for monitoring oxygen saturation levels during normothermic kidney perfusion. J. Sens. Sens. Sys., 5, 313-318.
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Marotz, J., Siafliakis, A., Holmer, A., Kulcke, A., & Siemers, F. (2015). First results of a new hyperspectral camera system for chemical based wound analysis. Wound Medicine, 10, 17-22.
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