28. May 2019

Additional awards at the MGG/MDCV conference

At the joint annual conference of the Mitteldeutsche Gesellschaft für Gastroenterologie (MGG) and the Mitteldeutsche Chirurgenvereinigung (MDCV), four attendees from Leipzig have been awarded. Beside the Poster of Marianne Maktabi (see post from May 17th 2019), three other awards have been given in the category “Young surgeons of Saxony”:

Hannes Köhler (Presentation award)
„Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) during esophagectomy for the measurement of ischemic conditioning effects of gastric conduit“

Yannis Wichmann (Poster award)
„Classification of barret-carzinoma-preparations by hyperspectral imaging (HSI)”

Marianne Maktabi (Poster award)
„Analysis of hypersektral imaging data of esophagous-resections“

Lena Seidemann (Poster award)
„Diagnostic assessment of adrenal gland indizidentalome – wrong reliability due to missing evidence of malign character in the biopsy“

We kindly congratulate all of them for their outstanding contribution and wish them all the best for their next projects.