The products and solutions Diaspective Vision GmbH offers in terms of medicine, life sciences and research are based on long-term experiences in hyperspectral measurement technologies.

Core area and central expertise is the integration of imaging spectrographs, cameras and firmware and user-friendly application PC software for hyperspectral imaging systems, which can be used in a broad spectrum of application areas.

The spectral imaging systems range from UV (e.g. imaging hyperspectral cameras for fluorescent microcopy) to the visual and near VNIR spectral range to the InGaAs-based systems in the far NIR spectrum.

Generally, the VIS spectral range is used for the generation of high-resolution precision color images. This spectral range includes the UV, VNIR and NIR ranges, which are invisible to the human eye, for the chemical tissue and substance examination.

Camera systems of Diaspective Vision GmbH

Camera systems of Diaspective Vision GmbH