Coming soon: TIVITA® Endoscopy – Offers new Insights!

Endoscopic hyperspectral imaging is a worldwide novelty in medicine!

With TIVITA® Endoscopy, it will finally be possible to also use hyperspectral imaging for minimally invasive surgery.

Besides a continuous live color image, the camera displays various perfusion parameters of human tissue. The user is thus provided with additional diagnostic-supporting information that is not visible to the human eye. By extending the surgeon’s visual field and assisting in the detection of anatomical risk structures and pathological changes, the clinical outcome of complex operations can potentially be improved for patients.

Basis for the development of TIVITA® Endoscopy is the TIVITA® Tissue, which has already established the technology of hyperspectral imaging for open surgical applications and which is successfully used intraoperatively, e.g. for the assessment of anastomoses and for the precise determination of resection positions.


The TIVITA® Endoscopy can be used in all medical fields in which minimally invasive surgery is used, for example in:

  • Visceral surgery
  • Heart surgery
  • Thoracic surgery
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Transplantation medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Urology


The advantages:

  • Display of blood flow and substance parameters for the detection of anatomic risk structures
  • Contactless imaging
  • Non-invasive, as no dyes are necessary
  • Safe, as there is no ionizing radiation
  • Simple operation through intuitive software
  • No preparation time required – minimal impact on the workflow
  • Fast, quantifiable measurements
  • Repetitive measurements
  • Objective through stable algorithms
  • Cost-effective

TIVITA® Endoscopy is offered as a complete system consisting of the core components: HSI/RGB camera, broadband LED illumination source, computer including software, two Full-HD monitors, medical trolley and endoscope.

Thanks to different camera sensors it is possible to permanently view a color video and simultaneously take an unlimited number of HSI images, which are displayed on the second monitor. With only one hyperspectral image taken by TIVITA® Endoscopy, various blood flow and substance parameters are displayed. These include:

  • Tissue Oxygen Saturation (StO2 [%])
  • Organ Hemoglobin Index (OHI)
  • NIR Perfusion Index (NIR)
  • Tissue Water Index (TWI)
  • Tissue Lipid Index (TLI)

In various studies, hyperspectral imaging has been and is currently being compared with the ICG fluorescence imaging technique for intraoperative perfusion control.

HSI offers decisive advantages over ICG imaging.

Compared to HSI, fluorescence-based technologies are associated with some risks for the patients because, unlike non-invasive HSI, the injection of a fluorescent dye is necessary. Phototoxic effects and hypersensitivity reactions have been described. Another disadvantage is that inflammatory changes, abscesses and necrotic areas result in false positive fluorescence. In addition, the quality of the signal is strongly dependent on the type of tissue and can also be negatively influenced by the effect of “photo-bleaching”.

In addition, the use of the TIVITA® Endoscopy System is more cost-effective, since the material input of 25 mg ICG alone costs about 80 € [BAIOCCHI et al. 2018] – these current costs are completely eliminated for HSI. This saving is equivalent to a value of 80,000 – 240,000 € in five years, assuming one to three usages per day at 200 working days per year. Other advantages of HSI are the short preparation and measurement time, reproducibility, quantifiability and repeatability of the images – without distribution of a dye in the organism.

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[BAIOCCHI, Gian Luca; DIANA, Michele; BONI, Luigi. Indocyanine green-based fluorescence imaging in visceral and hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery: State of the art and future directions. World journal of gastroenterology, 2018, 24. Jg., Nr. 27, S. 2921]