14. October 2019

Augmented HSI presented and awarded

A novel approach for HSI in medicine has been presented at the 27th “International EAES Congress” in Sevilla-Spain. The technology called “augmented hyperspectral imaging” (AHSI) combines the false-color images of the TIVITA with the use of additional dyes to generate even more information of the tissue.
In “Augmented Hyperspectral Imaging: A modified technology for the evaluation of tissue perfusion and integrity”
the Alexander Studier-Fischer and his team presented their technology and evaluation methods.
“Visualization of induced reversible and persistent jejunal ischemia through hyperspectral imaging” showed the resukts of AHSI in a porcine model to visualize jejunal ishemia. They also compared the outcome of AHSI to regular investigation by eye and also to ICG fluorescence imaging.
The latter one has been awarded as one of the best presentations of the “Gerhard Buess Technology Award Session”. We kindly congratulate Mr. Alexander-Fischer on this great work.

26. August 2019

New publication about the potential of HSI released

The week started for us with the good news of the latest publication from Leipzig which was published in “Der Chirurg”. It deals with the many applications and opportunities for TIVITA® in the surgical field. We are happy about the great scientific support we receive from Leipzig day-to-day and which this article provides a good overview of.
A big thank you to the team from Leipzig!
You can find the publication under the Link.

01. August 2019

BMBF funding granted

Tissue ablation by laser is a common method for tumor resection, especially for endoscopic procedures. However, the recognition of the tumor margins is a major problem because during the operation, there is no time to carry out an extensive histological examination. This leads to repeated operations and a lower recovery potential for the patients.

Some time ago, the potential of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) for the detection of tumor tissue was recognized. As a result, the joint project “TheraOptik” was launched. The aim of this project is the development of a combined solution consisting of endoscope, ablation laser and HSI imaging, which enables the real-time detection of remaining tumor tissue and thus maximizes the chances of successful treatment.
Today, the funding by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung – BMBF) for “TheraOptik” was confirmed.

We are very pleased with the provided funds, which will enable us to begin work immediately in order to improve cancer treatment in the near future.

18. July 2019

“HYPerspectral Enhanced Reality” in the journal “Surgical Endoscopy”

The future of HSI?!

The team of the IRCAD Strasbourg published their work “HYPerspectral Enhanced Reality (HYPER): a physiology-based surgical guidance tool.”

The extensive article in the journal “Surgical Endoscopy” deals with the use of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) for detection and quantification of ischemia of intestinal tissue. Focusing on clinical application, the collected HSI data was transferred to an augmented reality environment. To achieve this, an algorithm was trained and its reliability was tested. Thus a tangible, practical solution is presented to display perfusion parameters in the live image of a video.

Furthermore, Barberio et al. showed that the parameters StO2, NIR perfusion and Tissue Water Index (TWI) correlate with biomarkers such as local capillary lactate (LCL) and oxygen radicals (ROS).

We kindly congratulate Dr. Barberio and his team on this seminal article and are looking forward to their future work.

08. July 2019

TIVITA®at high-altitude flight

Our cooperation partner HAIP wants to make agriculture more efficient in order to save costs and reduce environmental pollution. For this purpose, problems should be identified earlier and dealt with more specifically.

One component is the optical analysis of the fields from the air, which is carried out with the help of our TIVITA®. The drone’s maiden flight recently took place.
HAIP can be found here

We keep our fingers crossed for HAIP for the upcoming tasks and look forward to a further cooperation!

12. June 2019

Diaspective Vision and endoscopy specialist KARL STORZ sign technology partnership agreement

Pepelow, 12.06.2019: As a result of its experience in hyperspectral imaging – an innovative and promising diagnostic technology for medicine – Diaspective Vision GmbH has succeeded in acquiring the renowned medical technology company KARL STORZ SE & Co. KG (Tuttlingen/Germany) for a technology partnership.

KARL STORZ, the medical technology company specialized in endoscopy, will expand its product portfolio in the field of non-invasive and contrast medium-free imaging procedures with Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) systems and intends to use these as a suitable complement to endoscopic imaging systems.

For Diaspective Vision, this cooperation represents a great success and a promising milestone in the company’s development. KARL STORZ is not only a strong partner with many years of medical technology expertise for the coming challenges, but this cooperation also offers an optimal platform for establishing the process with physicians worldwide. “This partnership is possible because our highly specialized team is continuously working on the further development of diagnostic solutions. Within the first few weeks, it already became apparent how many synergies can be created in the joint cooperation”, explains Dr. Axel Kulcke, Managing Director of Diaspective Vision. “I am pleased to see that our team has succeeded in setting this strong signal for our company and our region,” he continues.

The next steps are already being prepared in order to make medical diagnostics even better in other fields of application and with increased objectivity in the future, whereby the focus is always on optimized patient care.

About the companies:
KARLS STORZ SE & Co. KG is the leading manufacturer in endoscopy and offers solutions for human and veterinary medicine. For more than 70 years, the family-run company from Baden-Wuerttemberg has stood for tradition, high-tech and quality.

Diaspective Vision GmbH is an innovative medical technology company based in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which was founded in 2015 to establish hyperspectral imaging technology in medicine.

28. May 2019

Additional awards at the MGG/MDCV conference

At the joint annual conference of the Mitteldeutsche Gesellschaft für Gastroenterologie (MGG) and the Mitteldeutsche Chirurgenvereinigung (MDCV), four attendees from Leipzig have been awarded. Beside the Poster of Marianne Maktabi (see post from May 17th 2019), three other awards have been given in the category “Young surgeons of Saxony”:

Hannes Köhler (Presentation award)
„Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) during esophagectomy for the measurement of ischemic conditioning effects of gastric conduit“

Yannis Wichmann (Poster award)
„Classification of barret-carzinoma-preparations by hyperspectral imaging (HSI)”

Marianne Maktabi (Poster award)
„Analysis of hypersektral imaging data of esophagous-resections“

Lena Seidemann (Poster award)
„Diagnostic assessment of adrenal gland indizidentalome – wrong reliability due to missing evidence of malign character in the biopsy“

We kindly congratulate all of them for their outstanding contribution and wish them all the best for their next projects.

17. May 2019

Best Poster Award for Marianne Maktabi at the MGG/MDCV Conference

We congratulate Marianne Maktabi on her success at the joint annual conference of the Mitteldeutsche Gesellschaft für Gastroenterologie (MGG) and the Mitteldeutsche Chirurgenvereinigung (MDCV) in Halle. She received the poster award for her contribution “tissue classification of oncological esophageal resection on the basis of hyperspectral data”. Within the scope of this work, HSI images of esophageal resectates were classified for the first time in order to support the surgeon in the future in localizing tumor borders during interventions.

05. April 2019

HSI in the Journal of Wound Care

The current edition of the Journal of Wound Care (Journal of Wound Care, 28(3), p. 131) contents a consensus document about the topic of hard-to-heal wounds titled “Hard-to-heal wounds: TIMERS for action.”. In the course of this issue, hyperspectral imaging was mentioned as a powerful tool for diagnostics and assessment of wounds. Despite the fact that we are very proud about this consensus, this is another important step towards the establishing HSI as standard tool in the field of wound care.

01. April 2019

HSI at the DGE-BV congress

Simultaneos to the DGCH congress in Munich, the 49. congress of the German Society for Endoskopy and Imaging Technologies (DGE-BV) took place in Stuttgart, Germany.
Again, an approach using HSI convinced the jury:
We kindly congratulate Nico Holfert, who has been awarded for the best poster.

We are happily looking forward for the next great presentations and publications based on our HSI technology.