06. July 2017

(Deutsch) Kreative Zusammenarbeit in Pepelow

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05. July 2017

(Deutsch) Künstlerisch wertvolle Aufnahmen mit der TIVITA™ Tissue Kamera

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23. June 2017

(Deutsch) Diaspective Vision auf der ECBO und der Laser World of Photonics

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22. June 2017

(Deutsch) Diaspective Vision überzeugt beim Ideenwettbewerb Gesundheitswirtschaft

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18. April 2017

(Deutsch) Diaspective zu Gast beim 11. Nürnberger Frühjahrssymposium vom Zentrum für Verbrennungsbehandlung

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14. April 2017

(Deutsch) Bilanz zum INNO AWARD 2016

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21. March 2017

Diaspective Vision beim Symposium „Plasmaanwendung in der Dermatologie“

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10. March 2017

The TI-CAM and HyperWound-CAM systems are now TIVITA™ Tissue and TIVITA™ Wound

Tissue and life – that is what the chore products of Diaspective Vision are about, which is why we are introducing the TIVITA™ product line.

It replaces the previously known names of the TI-CAM and the HyperWound-CAM with TIVITA™ Tissue and TIVITA™ Wound, respectively.

Like all our products, both of these camera systems are continuously further developed, thus ensuring their high quality and reliability for our customers. While having the same technical specifications as before, the TIVITA™ camera systems are integrated into a new housing: a compact and light aluminum shell, which is optimal for the handling of the systems in a clinical environment.

10. February 2017

Diaspective Vision at the Interdisciplinary WoundCongress IWC 2017

On November 30, 2017 Diaspective Vision will be at the annual Interdisciplinary WoundCongress in Cologne.
The Congress is one of the biggest professional events in the area of wound care in Germany. Its 10th edition is dedicated to the topic of “Changes in Wound Care”.
At the congress we will introduce our latest product developments and are happy to meet you in person at booth A07!

27. January 2017

Diaspective Vision co-hosts the 5th Workshop Hyperspectral Imaging in Medicine

Together with the Institute of Biomedical Technology of the TU Dresden and Department for Neurosurgery of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Diaspective Vision hosts the 5th Workshop for Hyperspectral Imaging in Medicine on March 9 and 10, 2017.

The workshop takes place annually since 2011. It introduces the latest advances in hyperspectral imaging and its application areas neuroscience, neuroradiology, organ transplantation, anesthesia ventilation, and ophthalmology.

Central issue of the 5th workshop is the application-specific adaptation of currently available camera technology to clinical requirements in terms of acquisition, analysis and presentation of data, as well as their validation by combining and comparing them to conventional diagnostic procedures.

For further infomation, please click »here.